Before the Pick Up Line

So you want to know how to use a pick up line. You’ve read a little bit about them, and need some help setting up the perfect pick up line. What you need to do is understand what to do before the pick up line. This is probably just as important as the pick up line itself. Before the pick up line you need to consider a few things. Who is the pick up line for? What type of pick up line might work? Finally Who are you? 

Before the Pick Up Line:

Who is the pick up line for?

This is super important. What kind of person are you trying to pick up? What do they look like? Do you they seem outgoing, or do they have a mean look about them? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. For example if the girl doesn’t look like she’d have a laugh then you probably wouldn’t want to use a funny pick up line. It’s also important to realise what the situation is as well. For example, is she by herself or with a friend?

Which pick up line is best?

Once you have analyzed the situation and who the pick up line is for. You then decide which one could work. A great example would be if you notice a girl crying you may want to use a funny pick up line to cheer her up. 

Who are you?

What kind of person are you? Do you think you can pull off a cheesy pick up line really well? If you are a serious person who doesn’t like joking around, a funny pick up line probably isn’t best for you. So have good think and see what pick up lines suit your personality.

Before the Pick Up Line master plan.

It’s always good to have plan. By planning ahead you will be more confident and prepared for anything that comes your way. Once you understand how to determine which pick up line to use and on whom to use it on. You will have success.

A good plan looks like this:

Location: Where do you plan on using your pick up line? Perhaps a bar?

Style: What will you wear? You will want to look good!

The Pick Up Line itself: Which one will you go with?

The Target: Who is going to be that lucky someone who gets to hear your pick up line? Maybe that lonely girl sitting by herself at the bar.

Also remember that your pick up lines won’t work 100 percent of the time. That doesn’t mean you should give up and stop dead in your tracks. Keep your head up and build confidence. Keep in mind that even a simple pick up line like “hello, my name is…” can work really well. Don’t make things over complicated, it is as easy as you make it.

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