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The Ultimate Resource For Pick Up Lines! Your pick up lines guide is here! You may get a slap or three… But that’s life…

The Pick Up Masters promise and guarantee you that this is where you will find all your questions answered and problems solved.
After all, pick up lines are what we do!

Are you tired of being ignored and rejected? Have you ever wanted to know how to talk to girls with more confidence? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Let me tell you a little secret. It is the power of pick up lines. Many guys try to keep it for themselves and DO NOT speak openly about it. This is either because they don’t realise they are using pick up lines, or they just don’t want to admit it. Due to this you are probably thinking, “pick up lines are nothing special.”
However, they are in fact one of the most important keys to success with women.

Let’s be honest. What do people actually know about pick up lines? Many believe that they don’t work, or that they are a joke. This is because most people have the wrong idea of what a pick up line actually is.

It is sad to see the men of today fail at attracting women. Definitely not saying that pick up lines will solve ALL your problems. However, they will definitely help you achieve more and become more confidant. After all, nothing beats confidence!

The Pick Up Masters bring you the best and most effective ways of using pick up lines to your advantage.

What Are Pick Up Lines? And how does the pick up lines guide work?

A lot of people have different answers. Let’s keep it really simple.

A pick up line is something that you can say to someone to “break the ice” and lighten the mood. It’s a good conversation starter. That’s it. It’s not rocket science and it can be as simple as, “Hi what’s your name?”

There are many different pick up lines and categories out there. You should learn them all to give yourself a great understanding of how they work, and in what situations you should use them. Luckily for you, The Pick Up Masters have all these topics covered. Don’t be shy to read all of our pages!

Below are the fundamentals or “basics”. These are just to get you started. They should give you a good basic understanding of the different types of pick up lines and their respective categories.

The pick up lines guide is meant to be a simple reminder of how pick up lines can work.

– Please don’t be fooled by the misconception that pick up lines ALWAYS fail. They show an expression of interest, telling someone I like you and that you’re confident to say something.

The Basic Pick Up Lines Guide.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines: These are for the “cheese balls”. Girls find it really sweet if you can come up with a cheesy line. It will make them laugh and feel good. However, keep in mind cheesy lines are only for a certain type of person. Here is an example of a cheesy pick up line.There’s something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off you.

Funny Pick Up Lines: These can be like a small joke. If used at the right time they can more powerful than any other pick up line. It shows that you have a good sense of humor, and if you can make a girl laugh… Well the rest is history. A funny pick up line could go something like,you may be asked to leave soon. You are making the other women look bad.”

Cute Pick Up Lines: A cute pick up line will steal almost any girl’s heart. Don’t be afraid to pull a cute one on them, it will more than likely leave a great first impression. An awesome example of a cute pick up line is,roses are red; sunflowers are yellow. How would you like to go out with a cute little fellow?

Classic Pick Up Lines: Nothing beats the classics. These are the lines you pull when you are trying to be funny but at the same you are giving a hint. What’s good about the classics is that everyone knows them. Therefore, it’s like an indirect way of saying “hey I’m hitting on you”. This works well on girls who like light-hearted guys. A great example of a classic is, “roses are red; violets are blue. Nothing is as pretty as you.

When and How Should One Use Pick Up Lines?

A really good question! Many guys have trouble with this and yes, it is true that it can be very difficult to use the right pick up lines at the right time. However, do not let that scare you. The Pick Up Masters have your back and won’t let you down!

Firstly, “when” you should use pick up lines is very simple. A pick up line can be used almost every time. However, you must consider what “conditions” you are in. Conditions mean factors such as place, time, type of girl, location, what they’re doing, and even what mood they may be in. Lastly, the how comes quite easily once you understand your conditions. The “how” can be as complex or simple as you like. It all depends on the “situation“.

To help you we created a post called “Before the Pick Up Line“. Check it out for a more in-depth understanding for how and when to use pickup lines.

It is really important to understand that timing is the key to all things in life, and pick up lines are no exception. The hardest part is figuring out when, and in what situation, should you use a pick up line. In addition, you must also use an appropriate line as well.

Here are some examples of situations you may find yourself in.

Situation 1: You are alone in an elevator with a cute girl.

Inappropriate Pick up line: You say to her, “my mum thinks I should get your number.”

Conclusion: This is so wrong on so many levels. The first reason why this is bad is because your mother isn’t even around. In addition, this girl doesn’t even know your mother! Not to mention you would seem like a total freak 99 percent of the time. However, if you were at a cafe with your mother and a cute waitress was checking you out, this line could work well in your favour.

Appropriate Pick up line: “Hey, how has your day been?”

Conclusion: You will always get a reaction. Usually a good one if she likes you. This is a good way to start conversation and quickly get her number before she leaves the elevator.

Situation 2: You’re at a nightclub and she’s been staring at you for a while.

Inappropriate Pick up line: After approaching her you say, “are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got FINE written all over you.”

Conclusion: This is one of those classic pick up lines that don’t work well in this situation. She has probably heard it a million times and will think you are a sleez.

Appropriate Pick up line: After approaching her you say, “look I didn’t want to say this, but you are making the other women look bad.”

Conclusion: It’s  slightly different and doesn’t sound like you’re trying too hard. It will hopefully make her laugh or smile, and give you a good opportunity to introduce yourself.

-please remember,

Every detail needs to be considered. Many different factors need to be analyzed. Ask yourself questions like, are they wearing a perfume you know? Do they have tattoos that you noticed? What is she wearing? In addition to these, you must try to be different from every other guy. Finally, do not over complicate things.


The pick up lines guide says, “a pick up line can work today, and fail tomorrow”.

They just may not be into you. They could be having a bad day, they have a boyfriend and maybe you just aren’t their type. What you need to do is learn to pick your battles. Remember, pick up lines work only when used at the right time and place. You wouldn’t approach a girl who is crying and say a cheesy pick up line. What you would want to do is help her and if she refuses, walk away and live to fight another day.

In the real world it’s not easy, and we want to give you the best fighting chance possible. Therefore, the Pick Up Masters have created 4 clever real life pick up lines that you can use simply and easily in many real life situations.

  1. I don’t care what they say about you.
  2. Hey, how are you going?
  3. Have we met?
  4. Do you need me to help you?

Notice how simple and useful these are. That’s the beauty of pick up lines. They don’t have to be super complicated and rhyme. They don’t need to be funny or romantic either. Most of all, they should be used to start a conversation and hopefully lead to something more.

Who created Pick Up Lines?

It’s rather a mystery and no one can clearly answer this question. However, The Pick Up Masters believe that “pick up lines” were most likely created by a guy back in the 1930’s. His name was probably Reginald. Reginald was tired of being turned down and developed a fear of approaching women. Rejection began to take its toll on his mind, and he no longer knew what to say to women.

Due to Reginald’s “low strike rate”, his confidence was at an all time low. He tried to come up with a way he could get his confidence back and on one magical night he accomplished this. Reginald saw a pretty girl and thought to himself,  “how do I approach this dashing young lady?”

The answer came to him swiftly as he approached young Alice and said to her, “was your father a thief? Because someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.” After this, immediately Alice laughed and they began talking to each other.


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