Dirty Pick Up Lines

dirty pick up lines
The name is Steve. When do you get off? I want to watch.

There’s always that one guy who has some dirty pick up lines up his sleeve. He looks kinda shady and is always up to no good. The dirty lines were created by guys who were sleazy and often hit on women blatantly. Sometimes these lines work really well. Other times (most times), you will get a slap or three…

Keep in mind dirty pick up lines could work really well on some kinky girls or even your girlfriend. Some girls even love it when you send a dirty text, but more on that later.

For a quick fix check out the Dirty Pick Up Lines List.

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For those interested in, or those wanting to know more have a look below at the list of all the dirty pick up lines we’ve got. While you’re at it, why not have a laugh and check out some interesting topics?

Dirty Pick Up Lines.

  • You are so hot, I could cook my meat in you.
  • You are on my to Do list.
  • Have we slept together before?
  • Do you want to play with my joystick?
  • I want to see you naked!
  • Let’s do the Australian kiss. It’s like the French kiss only “down under”.
  • If I were you I’d do me.
  • I am so asian I will eat your pussy.
  • What’s long and hard, and right behind you?
  • I hope you have animal insurance because I’m going to destroy your pussy.
  • When do you get off? Can I watch?
  • What is the speed limit of sex? 68. Cause at 69 you gotta turn around.
  • I know you work at the post office. You were checking out my package.
  • I’ll do you like I do my gym sessions. Hard and 45 minutes long.
  • I feel like you believe in karma. I know some good karma-sutra positions.
  • I’m like a squirrel. All I want to do is bury my nuts in you.
  • We don’t all go down in history. However, I will go down on you.

Still coming at you…

  • Can you take my virginity?
  • I don’t know the weather. But I know there be a few inches.
  • Call me Chris Brown, cause I’d hit that!
  • Let’s surprise your roommate, don’t go home tonight.
  • Let’s bang. We will probably never see each other again.
  • What are you doing tonight, beside me?
  • I have to eat you right now!
  • Sit on my face!
  • I am just a simple Vaga-terian.
  • Hey baby, let’s have sex!
  • I am like chocolate. I go straight to your ass.
  • My dick wants to be 8 inches inside of you.
  • I would jerk your dad off, just to see where you got your good looks from.
  • Do you own a chicken farm? Cause you know how to raise a cock.
  • I just want to be your booty call.
  • What are the chances of my balls slappin’ your ass tonight?
  • I need to hide inside you.
  • Nice top, let me have a look.
  • I might be a dick, but we both know you will sit on me.
  • Show me your pussy.

A Few More Dirty Lines.

  • You probably recognize me from my adult movies.
  • Nice pants can I test the zipper?
  • Nice shoes, lets bang.
  • I like your boobs can I feel them?
  • I have skittles in my pants. Want to taste the rainbow?
  • My name is Pogo, wanna jump on my stick.
  • Can I pleasure you with my tongue?
  • If you have lost your virginity. Can I have the box it came in.
  • My bed is broken can I sleep in yours?
  • My ex called me Goldfinger.
  • Those are not real!
  • Let’s just do it.
  • The best party is a no pants party.
  • Don’t mess with nature. Let’s make babies.
  • I just want to go down on you for hours.
  • Only latex will stand between us.
  • I have a condom with your name on it.
  • Is it cold or are your melons happy to see me?
  • You are hot can my juice cool you down.
  • Squeeze me.
  • I want to put one in your poo shoot.
  • I’m 2 inches. From the ground.
  • I don’t want to get you pregnant. Let’s test all my condoms.
  • If you don’t do me now we are going to have a problem.

Vulgar pick up lines and your girlfriend.

She’s your girl and you care about her. We are also sure you want her to be freaky in the bedroom. That’s why once in a while you might want to spice things up by trying some of these vulgar pick up lines, and hopefully your girl SHOULD love them. 

They act like they won’t, but honestly why wouldn’t they like a little dirty talk? Here are a few dirty lines to show your girl you want her:

  • When we get back, I’m going down on you for hours.
  • Your ass, my penis. Now!
  • Only latex will stand between us.
  • Let me eat you.
  • I have a condom with your name on it.

Try these tonight and let us know how it goes!

Best Places For Dirty Lines. 

The mood needs to be just right. The lighting needs to be low. You should whisper in her ear and get her ready for the long evening you have planned. Here are a few places you could use those dirty lines.

  • Nightclub: Usually good for those girls who are out to get laid. “Dancing with friends”. That’s the biggest lie ever! After a few drinks it will be gold.
  • Bar: Very similar to a club. Get a few drinks in there and you are ready to rock the party.
  • Fancy restaurant: For some reason, girls get aroused in fancy restaurants. Why? Wouldn’t have a clue. However, does this mean we should just give up? No! Use those dirty lines and while you’re at it, get her to wear those vibrating panties!

Good luck!

Dirty Texting.

There’s no better feeling than getting that dirty text from your girl in the middle of the day. You were either studying or working. Then your phone goes “beep-beep” and you casually have a look… Then your eyes pop out and you say, “WOW! What did she just text me!?”

The truth is she will be more dirty over the phone than anywhere else (most cases). This is because people (male/female) feel more comfortable over the keyboard or mobile, as opposed to real life. You need to take advantage of this situation and work on your dirty texting skills. 

A few to get you started:

  • Baby I want U 2 CUM over here.
  • I want to 69 U 2nite.
  • What r u wearing.
  • You better be naked when i get home.
  • I’ve been thinking about that BJ all day.

Have fun with it and be creative. If you have some great ideas or want to share some funny stories. Please feel free to add them below and we can all have a laugh.

What Makes Them Dirty?

Well since everyone has different tolerance levels. It is very hard to define where the line is… Maybe somewhere between funny-dirty and sexual-dirty pick up lines. Either way, what makes them dirty is the fact they don’t sound so nice. They come across as sleazy and not thoughtful. 

More often than not dirty pick up lines are defined by their use of slang and sexual attributes. They are mostly vulgar and inappropriate.

Whether you love them or simply hate them. You will be exposed to them at least a few times in your lifetime. Therefore, why not get accustomed to them now! 

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Cute: Kill em’ with cuteness.

Funny: Let’s make them laugh.

Cheesy: It’s not easy being cheesy.

Classic: For the old school.

Sweet: Be a sweetie pie.