Do you have a Bandaid Pick Up Line

do you have a bandaid pick up line

Do you have a bandaid pick up line. This one is a classic! We can probably date this back to the 1920’s when band aids were first created. Maybe good old ‘Thomas Anderson’ helped invent the band aid, just so he could help women in distress.

As a classic pick up line it has stood the test of time and has been used by many all over the world. Let’s have a deeper look at this line.

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The Original, Do you have a Bandaid Pick Up Line.

“Do you have a bandaid? Because I scrapped my knee falling for you.” This is the line the makes you cringe… This is a line that you would probably never use. However, sometimes trying something different might work out in your favor. If you have the balls, we suggest you try this line tonight at a bar. It won’t hurt and who knows you might get lucky. Of course do it when your target is drunk, if they are sober it won’t work as well…

This pick up line’s popularity has probably dropped over the decades due to new and exciting topics to talk about. However, if we go back to the 1920’s talking about the bandaid would probably get you laid… It’s like when you were a kid. Remember when someone gave you $50 and you were over the moon. Nowadays, $50 doesn’t excite you anymore. Same goes for pick up lines. The classics were more popular when they first came out. Therefore, when we use our “do you have a bandaid pick up line”, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Either way the do you have a bandaid pick line is a laugh. If it works out for you, good job! If not, well at least your friends will have a laugh at you.

Loved “do you have a bandaid pick up line? Let us know if you have better versions or ways to use it!





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