Star Wars Pick Up Lines

star wars pick up lines

To all the Jedi knights out there! We want you to feel right at home. These ‘Star Wars pick up lines’ will get the ladies on the right side of the force. Whether that’s a good place or bad place. It matters not. Just use these lines and, work they must.

The Best Star Wars Pick Up Lines List

  • Is that a lightsaber in your pants, or are you happy to see me?
  • Unlike Han Solo I won’t shoot first.
  • You are the Obi-Wan I have been looking for.
  • Can you feel my force inside you?
  • I just realised you have been looking for love in Alderaan places.
  • Girth matters not.
  • Are you an Yoda related? Cause Yoda one.
  • I think I am from Alderaan. Cause you just blew up my world.
  • Did it hurt when you fell from Cloud City.
  • My heart was stolen just like the Death Star plans.
  • The Death Star isn’t the only thing that will explode.
  • I am going to collect the bounty on your ass.
  • Love you must.
  • I may look like an Ewok, but I am all Wookie where it counts babe.
  • Why don’t we spend a millennium in your falcon.
  • I wan’t to violate the Jedi code all over you.
  • If you were my Padawan, I would teach you the ways of love.
  • Lightsaber in my pocket, that is not. Happy to see you I am.

Ideas for where you might use these Star Wars Pick Up Lines.

Let’s get one thing clear. These lines are for star wars fans or people who have watched the films (and enjoyed them). Great places to use the lines could be at any convention and/or film screening. Even if you notice a girl wearing a star wars t-shirt these lines could work. Either way try your best, and save these for the right time and place!

Enjoyed our Star Wars themed Pick Up Lines?

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 РMay the Star Wars pick up lines always be with you.

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