Basketball Pick Up Lines

basketball pick up lines

It’s time to shoot some hoops with ‘basketball pick up lines’. Another fantastic category of lines to use on some unsuspecting ladies that love the NBA!

Let’s keep it simple guys and only use these at the game or while watching the game. Here’s our list of some of the best ‘basketball pick up lines’.

Basketball Pick Up Lines

The Best Basketball Pick Up Lines List

  • I want to put my ball in your hoop all night long.
  • Wanna dribble on my balls?
  • Are you hiding two basketball under your top? Because they are huge!
  • Why don’t you dribble these balls?
  • If I can get it in from here will you give me 3 points?
  • I will cum just before the buzzer.
  • Do you love basketball? Because when I saw you my D. Rose.
  • If you were a ball, I’d never pass you because I’d want you to myself.
  • You look like a great ball handler, wanna try mine?
  • I have some solid D.
  • That Jordan jersey would look even better on my bedroom floor.
  • If you were a basketball, I would lay you up.
  • You can be the Bulls and I’ll bring the Heat.
  • Are you wearing Air Jordan shoes? Because you have been flying through my mind all day.
  • You are even better than Kobe with these balls. Because you handle so well.
  • If I were a basketball, I would never want to be shot because I’d miss you.
  • Hey! Stop playing with those balls. Because I can’t handle it.
  • There is something wrong with that jersey because it’s still not on my bedroom floor.
  • Do you work at Hooters? Because you have some big basketballs there.

Places These Lines Could Work.

Let’s talk game plan! It will probably be best to keep these lines for the next game. Keep in mind that timing will play an important role in pulling these off well. Do not use these lines at the wrong place either, let’s say like a soccer game…

A perfect example would be, “if you were a basketball, I would lay you up.” This could be used at almost any basketball game you go to, or even anywhere you go.

See how you go with these and let us know if there are better places to use them. Also tell us a funny story about your awkward experience.

Enjoyed Basketball Pick Up Lines?

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    -May your Jordans & the basketball pick up lines always be with you.

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