Halloween Pick Up Lines

halloween pick up lines

Between all the trick or treats, costumes and scary movies. Halloween is the perfect time to get a new girl or guy. Make sure you try these ‘Halloween pick up lines’ at your party, either way win or lose no one will recognise you.

The Best Halloween Pick Up Lines

halloween pick up lines


Are you a ghost? Because you have been haunting my dreams




halloween pick up lines


You look dead sexy. Literally.





halloween pick up lines


I should have dressed up as a ghost so I could get you under my sheets tonight.




halloween pick up lines


Don’t know what the tick is, but you sure are a treat.



halloween pick up lines


This house is haunted we better stick together and hold each other tight.




halloween pick up lines

Hey pumpkin, I bet I can out a smile on your face.




Halloween and Girls

For some very strange reason, on this very special night girls are a little bit more promiscuous and they dress especially sexy. Apparently it’s okay to dress up as a s**t as long as it is Halloween. Either way enjoy the view and stay safe.

-Sneaky tip- Take her out to a scary movie, or even just Netflix it. She will cuddle you and you will love it. Unless of course you are a little girl and scared of horror then there’s no hope for you. Instead maybe try staying indoors for the night.

We Hope you have a great Halloween!

Enjoy trick-or-treating tonight and be safe! We hope you enjoyed our Halloween pick up lines and that they treat you well. Make sure you wear a costume so you won’t be recognized using these pick up lines.

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